1 – Format
The tournament will be played as 7 a side, whereas a team consists of 6 players + 1 goalkeeper.
Outdoor played on 8 natural grass pitches (see also playground).


2 – Game Ball
FIFA #5 balls will be used.


3 – Tournament
32 teams will be divided into 8 groups (as shown under timetable).


4 – Length of Games
Games will be 20 minutes, without break.
Games tied at the end of regular time will stand as ties, except during elimination matches (Final phase) penalties shoot-outs (5) will be implemented.
Field Referees may alter the length of any game due to fighting, weather, or any unforeseen condition.


5 – Points
Points will be awarded as follows:

3 Points Win
1 Point Draw
0 Points Loss

When teams finish with equal number of points, decision will be done by:

Goal difference
Goals in favour
Direct encounter score
Drawing. In case of points equality of 3 teams, determines the Minitab of these teams.


6 – Game Start
All games will start at scheduled time. Team’s Captain must fill game report at the OC table, a minimum of 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time.
The team that doesn’t show up after 5 minutes of the scheduled time will loose their points. The other team, in this case, will be considered the winner with a 3-0 score.
Minimum number of players: a team must have at least 5 players to be able to start the game.
No equipment that could be dangerous to the player or to another player will be worn, as determined by the referee (for example jewellery). Special model for practice of sports eyeglasses will be permitted.
Shin guards covered by socks are recommended.


7 – Sportmanship
Good sportsmanship will prevail at all times. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players.


8 – Sideline behavior
A coach may not enter the field of play except upon the referee’s signal.


9 – Suspension
Suspension’s will be reviewed by the Organizational Committee and may result in a more severe penalty.
Fighting between players, violent conduct and harassment of referees by coaches will be considered serious misconduct.
Players sent-off from a game (Two yellow cards or a direct red card) will automatically be suspended from the team’s next game.
Consecutive yellow cards in different games will not suspend any player.
Player sent-off can be substituted after 3 minutes or if a goal is scored.
Player banned that plays anyway, will be banned for the entire Tournament and the game is considered lost for his team.
A player can appear in only one team. If a player appears in 2 teams he will be banned for the entire tournament and the teams will undergo a 3-0 defeat for games involved.


10 – Jersey Color Conflicts
In the event of a conflict in jersey colours, the organizational committee will provide a colour vest. Goalkeepers must wear colours clearly distinguished from all other players and referees.
Standard referee jerseys for the tournament will be used.


11 – Substitutions
Unlimited substitutions are allowed upon a dead ball.
A substitute only enters the field of play at the halfway line.
Only 5 players are allowed to stay at the bench.


12 – Offside
No offside will be used during tournament play.


13 – Goalkeeper
The ball from a goal kick cannot land into the other half of the pitch.
Goalkeeper can kick the ball but not after using hands and anyway he/she cannot play the ball for more than 5 seconds.


14 – Sliding tackles
Sliding tackles are NOT permitted.


15 – Others
Corners and free kicks must be kicked.
A goal following a throw-in is not valid if any other player does not touch the ball.