Sports Facilities – Eintracht Frankfurt


Aviation Football Cup is a series of tournaments played in major cities around the world at least once a year.

The World Aviation Football Cup is the largest of these tournaments and was held in 2014 in Frankfurt for the first time. Inspired by the Football World Cup in Brazil, it was dedicated to a good cause and achieved great results, which motivated the organization team to repeat it in 2015.

Based on the good experience in 2014, Eintracht Frankfurt will again provide the playgrounds and organization of the games.

The World Aviation Football Cup 2015 takes place on the ground of the youth academy of Eintracht Frankfurt, including state-of-the-art infrastructure. The sports center was completely rebuilt in October 2010.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s sports center is one of the most modern clubs centers in Germany and therefore offers optimum requirements for the realization of the World Aviation Football Cup 2015.

  • Riederwald stadium (natural grass)
  • 1 training ground (artificial turf, normal football boots)
  • 6 dressing rooms with showers
  • In-house Gastronomy / Restaurant
  • Parking slots for approx. 150 vehicles

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